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She and her ex-husband ran Armstrong Media, LLC, a web design, advertising and content-generation business. She also was a panelist for the online video series Momversation. Yes, there are times when there is no fail-safe, and when the school calls to say that one of my kids is sick everything else in my life comes to a grinding halt. I have a flexible schedule and can devote the rest of my day and the days after that to mending their fevers and soothing their coughs.

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Armstrong says the following about her site,, which began in February 2001 with a post about Carnation Milk: "Since then I have published more than 5,300 entries covering topics such as breast milk pumps, golf cart rides with Norah Jones, and the one guy I dated who talked like Elmo during sex." In 2004, Armstrong accepted text advertisements on her website for the first time.

This impacted our lives in innumerable ways, but I am lucky and privileged to have an incredible support system that so many women (and men) in my position do not have.

At the beginning of last September the girls’ father moved to New York.

It reached #16 on The New York Times Bestseller List for April 12, 2009.

Armstrong was a music columnist and consultant for the Alpha Mom media network.

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