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COMSAT communications satellite COMSEC communications security CONDOR (code for simulating microwave and plasma experiments) CONIFER (designates some U. secret documents) CONOPS concept of operations CONS connection-oriented mode network service CONT controller CONTAIN (computer code) CONTR contractor CONT-RM Risk Management Office (Lab Controller) CONUS contiguous United States CONVEX confined vessel experiments CO-OP Undergraduate Cooperative Program COP certification of process COP class of property COP coefficient of performance COR contracting officer representative COR core operations report CORA cost of remedial action CORBA common object request broker architecture CORE common runtime environment COR-FD Contracting Officer Representative - Fire Department (DOE) CORM controlled oxidation of radioactive metal CORRTEX continuous reflectometry for radius versus time experiments COS change of station COS Cray Operating System COSEPUP Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy COSL certificate of safe load COSL Chemistry Operations Support Laboratory (Rocky Flats) COSMIC (label for TS NATO information) COSMO (unnamed graded person) COSTIND Commission of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense COTK control track COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative COTS commercial off-the-shelf Courtney (not an acronym; SATAN detector) COVA change of vehicle assignment COVE code verification COVI concurrent outer vector inner COVICS covert video communications system COW coldworked, not furnace-sensitized and welded CP - CR CP calibration procedure CP call pay CP change proposal CP charge conjugation/parity transformation CP cold pipe CP column product CP Computer Professionals, Inc.CP conducting polymer CP construction permit/plan CP control point CP coolant pump CP critical power CP Crystal Plaza, Washington, DC CP 2-(5-cyanotetrazolata)-pentaamine-cobalt (III) perchlorate CP Cross Point Star CPA charged particle analyzer CPA contract property administrator C/PA cost/price analysis CPAF cost plus award fee CPAS Current Production & Analytic Support (CIA) CPBX computerized private branch exchange CPC card programmable calculator C/PC closure/post-closure CPCA core program cooperative agreement CPCWQCA California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act CPD comprehensive program of disarmament CPD coordinated product definition CPD cyclopentadiene CPDF Centrifuge Processing Development Facility CPDS construction project data sheet CPE central processing element CPE charged particle equilibrium CPE circular probable error CPF carcinogen potency factors CPFF cost plus fixed fee CPG central pattern generator CPG Core Planning Group CPI consumer price index CPI cost performance index CPIF cost plus incentive fee CPL confinement protection limit CPM colliding pulse mode CPM computer program protection manager CPM construction/contract project manager CPM construction procedures manual CPM continuous particle monitor cpm counts/cycles per minute CPM critical path method CP/M control program for microcomputers (DEC operating system) CPMB Construction Department (JCI) CPMIEC Chinese Precision Machinery Import-Export. CPO Central Policy Office (ES&H) CPO certified project officer CPP complex privatization plan CPP Compliance Policy & Planning (EPA) CPPM computer protection program manager CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation CPR Center for Public Resources CPR comprehensive product record CPR cost performance index CPR critical power ratio CPRA California Public Records Act CPRC construction project review committee CPRF Confinement Physics Research Facility (TA-21) CPRF controlled pinch reversed field CPPSR contractor property system review CPS Compliance Program & Schedule CPS contract personnel services CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act (1972) CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSI configurable Post Script interpreter CPSR Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, CPT cone penetrometer technology CPTR certified proof test report CPU central processing/processor unit CPV cold process verification CPW commercialization planning workshop CPX command post exercise CQD constant-Q spectrometer CQI continuous quality improvement CQM cost quality management CR carriage return CR catalytic reactor CR coaxial resonator CR community relations CR compressor, refrigeration CR conditional release CR conditioned reinforcer CR control rod/room CR Cray Research CRA comment response appendix CRA compressor, refrigerant, air cool CRAC coaxial removable anode cup CRB contract review board CRADA cooperative research and development agreement CRASS correlation reduction analysis subsystem (NRC) CRAVE carcinogen risk assessment verification endeavor CRB Contracts/Contract Review Board CRBR Clinch River Breeder Reactor CRC Coleman Research Corporation CRC Complex Reconfiguration Committee CRC cyclic redundancy check CRD Comments & Response Document CRD confidential restricted data CRD control rod drive CRD creation/revision/deletion request (JCI) CRDC collaborative R&D centers CRDCS control rod drive control system CRDEC Chemical Research, Development, and Engineering Center (U. Army) CRDL contract-required detection limit CRE compressor, refrigerant, evaporative CRE contaminant removal efficiency CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking CREOL Center for Research on Electrical Optics and Lasers CRFQS cryogenic radio-frequency quadrupole sparker CRI Cray Research, Inc.BTL Bell Telephone Laboratories BTS beam transport system BTS boosting and transfer systems BTU basic transmission unit Btu British thermal unit BTX benzene, toluene, xylene BTW buried transuranic waste BU bargaining unit BU Butler Services BUCS Budgeting and Computing System BUD Budget Division, 08/80­?? BUN blood urea nitrogen BURPA basic research proposal announcement BUS Business Operations Division, 10/93­ BV building ventilation BW bridgewire B&W Babcock and Wilcox BWC Biological Weapons Convention BWHC Babcock & Wilcox Hanford Company BWIP Basalt Waste Isolation Project BWO backward wave oscillator BWP buried waste program BWPI Babcock & Wilcox Protec, Inc. R.) CCD charge-coupled device CCD Conference of the Committee on Disarmament CCDF complementary cumulative distribution function CCEA conventional combustion environmental assessment CCF Central Computing Facility CCF common-cause failure CCF communications control field CCFL countercurrent flow limitation CCHW Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes CCIC California Casualty Insurance Company CCID Confidential Chemicals Identification System CCIO contract counterintelligence officer CCIRN coordinating committee for intercontinental research networks CCISCMO Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office CCITT Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique CCL coupled-cavity linac CCL Commerce Control List CCL commodity control list CCLA Concerned Citizens of Los Alamos CCLC carrier common line charge CCLFISH (CCL design code) CCMS Committee on the Challenges of a Modern Society (NATO) CCNB Concerned Citizen for the Nuclear Breeder CCNS Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety CCP composite correction plan (CWA) CCP cost change proposal CCR California Code of Regulations CCR Center for Communications Research CCR central control room CCR commitment, concurrence, and redundancy CCRC construction candidates review committee CCRHS central control room habitability system CCR Center for Communications Research (IDA) CCS castable ceramic system CCS common channel signaling (telecom.) CCS component cooling system CCS condensate cleanup system CCS containment cooling system CCS contamination control station CCS cost closing statement CCS cryogenic cooling system CCT clean coal technology CCTB cryogenic component testbed CCTF Cylindrical Core Test Facility (Japan) CCTP Clean Coal Technology Program CCTV closed-circuit television CCU communications control unit CCW component cooling water CCW constituent concentrations in wastes CCW counterclockwise CCWE constituent concentrations waste extract CD - CE CD change directory (command) CD civil defense CD civil emergency preparedness training (attendance code) CD climatological data CD Committee/Conference on Disarmament CD collector, dust CD collision detection CD compact disk CD conceptual design CD consent decree CD containment depressurization CD control drawing CD cooldown CD cost distribution C&D charge and discharge (fuel/target) CDA Copper Development Association CDAC Construction Development Advisory Committee CDAS Control and Data Acquisition System CDB consolidated database CDBF chlorinated dibenzofurans CDC Centers for Disease Control (Public Health Service) CDC classified document control CDC communicable disease center CDC Control Data Corporation CDC cryogenic distillation column(s) CDD chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin CDDI copper distributed data interface CDDO Construction Department (JCI) CDDR cost and delivery data report CDDS controlled documents distribution system CDE Chemical Defence Establishment (U.BWR boiling-water reactor BWS boiler, water supply BWST borated water storage tank BX base exchange BXA Bureau of Export Administration (DOC) BXT benzene, xylene, and toluene BY budget year BZ benzene BZ buckled zones C Return to Alphabet C conference (LA-series report designator) C confidential C connecting cable C consolidation plan C convective C Computing and Communications Division (03/84­10/93) C Computing Division 01/80­03/84 C Computing Sciences/Services 04/68­01/80 C (high-level programming language; descendant of B) C-2 (NCSC software security level) C3 Command, Control & Communications C4 command, control, communication & computers CA cellular automata CA charge amplifier CA chemical addition CA Citizen Act CA compressor, air CA Computer Associates International, Inc. Chemical Abstract Service Registry CASA Center Against Sexual Assault CASA (computer testbed wide-area network) CASAC Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CAA) CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board CASC Coalition for Academic Supercomputer Centers CASE computer-aided software engineering CASS Computer-Assisted Surveillance System CASSI Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index CAST Centro de Asistancia y Servicios Technologicos (Juarez, Mexico) CAST Chinese Academy of Space Technology CAST Committee of Advisors on Science & Technology (President's) CAT category CAT change agent team CAT chemical addition tank CAT compact audio technology CAT compliance assessment team CAT computer-aided training CAT computerized axial tomography CAT concatenate CAT conditionally accepted tag CAT crack arrest temperature CAT cryogenic accelerator technology CATG capital assets task group CATS computer-assisted tracking system CATS corrective action tracking system CATV community antenna television (cable) CAU carbon absorption unit CAU command arithmetic unit CAV constant angular velocity CAW cooler, air, chilled water CAYG clean as you go CB - CC CB cataclysmic binary CB chlorobromo-methane CB circulation blower CB citizens' band (radio) CB conduction band CB containment breach CB continuous bubbler CB control/containment building CB cost/benefit analysis C&B compensation and benefits CBA collective bargaining agreement CBA cost-benefit analysis CBB control budget base CBC circulating bed combuster CBD Commerce Business Daily C/BD chemical/biological (weapons) defense CBED convergent beam electron attraction CBERS China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite CBI compliance biomonitoring inspection (CWA) CBI confidential business information CBI crossbar interface CBM capacitive beam monitor CBM confidence-building measures CBNM Central Bureau of Nuclear Measurements CBO Congressional Budget Office CBOD carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand CBR California bearing ratio CBR commercial breeder reactor CBR constant bit rate CBRS Coastal Barrier Resources System CBS central budgeting system CBS crossbar switch CBT computer-based training CBW chemical and biological weapons/warfare CC (carbon) copy CC charge control CC common cause CC component check CC component cooling CC construction component CC copies CC core component CC cost center CC coupled channel CC cryogenic calorimeter C&C Consultation and Cooperation Agreement CCA contamination control area CCAA Canadian Clean Air Act CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station C-CAP coast watch change analysis program CC&AT cross-cutting and advanced technologies CCB Configuration Control Board CCB control budget base C3 command, control, and communication C3I command, control, communication, and intelligence CCCP (Russian initialism for former U. K.) CDE Common Desktop Environment CDEV control panel device CDF core damage frequency CDH Colorado Department of Health CDI chronic daily intake CD-I compact disk-interactive CDL commercial driver's license CDM climatological dispersion model CDM code division multiplexing (telecom.) CDMA code division multiple access (Qualcomm mobile phone standard) CDMQC climatological dispersion model with calibration and source contribution CDO Construction Development/Design Office CDPD cellular digital packet data (commun.) CDR concept definition report CDR conceptual design report CDR critical design review CD-R compact disk-recordable CD-ROM compact disk read-only memory (also CD/ROM) CD-ROM XA CD-ROM extended architecture (IBM) (also CD-ROM/XA) CDS charged droplet scrubber CDS command disable schedule CDS compliance data system (CAA) CDS component disassembly station CDS conceptual design study CDS condensate demineralization subsystem CDT Center for Defense Trade CDT Conventional Defense Technology CDU capacitive/capacitor discharge unit CDU Christian Democratic Union CDV capacitance discharge vaporization CDV Central Drawings Vault CDW charge-density wave CDW collision damage waiver CE capital equipment CE categorical exclusion CE chemical energy CE chief engineer CE civil emergency (attendance code) CE Combustion Engineering (also C-E) CE compromising emanations CE Corps of Engineers (U. Army) CE cost effectiveness CE cubicle exhaust CEA Comissariat á l'Énergie Atomique (France) CEA cost-effectiveness analysis CEAM Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling CEARP Comprehensive Environmental Assessment & Response Program CEARP Continuing Education & Recognition Program CEAT community emergency action team CEAT contractor evidence audit team CEARC Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council CEB chemical element balance CEBAF Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (Newport News, Virginia) CEBS Capital Equipment Budget System CEC California Energy Commission CEC cation exchange capacity CEC cooperative enforcement agreement CEC control element assembly CED CERCLA Enforcement Division (EPA) CED control element drive CED Criminal Enforcement Division (EPA) CEDR Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource CEDE committed effective dose equivalent CEE Center for Environmental Education, Inc.Band; volume (German) BDASS basic data analysis subsystem BDAT best demonstrated available technology BDBA beyond-design-basis accident BDBE beyond-design-basis event BDC before declassification BDC Bomb Data Center (FBI) BDD base-line document description BDI blast door interlock BDL below detection limits BDM BDM Corp.

CEP Council on Economic Priorities CEPEX Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment CEPOD catalyzed electrochemical plutonium oxide dissolution/dissolver CEPOD catalytic enhanced plastic decontamination CEPP Chemical Emergency Preparedness Program CEPT Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations CEQ Council on Environmental Quality CER complete engineering release CERC Convex Engineering Research Complex CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act CERCLIS Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System (EPA) CERES clouds and Earth's radiant energy system CERI Center for Environmental Research Information CERMET ceramic and metal CERN Formerly the European Center for Nuclear Research, now known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN Centre Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire CERP comprehensive environmental restoration program CERT computer emergency response team CESC centrifugal electroslag casting CET critical experiment tank CETEC Center for Extraterrestrial Engineering & Construction CETS connector environmental test stand CEU continuing education unit(s) CEUSP Consolidated Edison Uranium Solidification Program CF - CH CF cable, fuzing or firing CF calibration factor CF charcoal filter CF compliance finding CF confinement factor CF Conservation Foundation CF containment failure CF continuous flow CFA cognizant federal agency CFA continuous flow analysis CFA control facilities area CFA crossed field amplifier CFC chlorofluorocarbon CFC Combined Federal Campaign (charities) CFC constant-flow cooling CFD computational fluid dynamics CFD constant fraction discriminator CFE chlorotrifluoroethylene CFE Conventional Forces in Europe (agreement) CFL consequence of failure level CFM chlorofluormethane(s) CFM cubic feet per minute CFM containment failure mode CFPAS Ceramic Filled Polymer Armor System CFR Code of Federal Regulations CFR commercial fast reactor CFR condensate filter demineralizer CFR cooperative fuel research CFRD confidential formerly restricted data CFRL continuous flow recirculating loop CFRV crash-fire-rescue vehicle CFTF central filter test facility CFS central file system CFS Common File System CFT californium target(s) CFT consequence of failure type(s) CFT core flood tank CFT Cray FORTRAN Compiler CFTLIB Cray FORTRAN (I/O) Library CFV call for votes CG center of gravity CG change guide CG character generator CG classification guide CG combustion gas CG compilation guide CG concentration guide CG conjugate gradient CG controls group CGA color graphics adapter CGA Compressed Gas Association CGI combustible gas indicator CGI common gateway interface CGI composite graphics interface CGI computer-generated imagery CGI computer graphics interface CGL Comprehensive General Liability (policy) CGL computer graphics laboratory CGM computer graphics metafile CGMP comprehensive generic monitoring plan CGRO Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory CGS Canadian Geologic Survey CGS color graphics adapter (IBM) CGS common graphics system CGS conjugate gradient squared CGWIC China Great Wall Industry Corporation CH Calico Hills CH component handling CH contact handling/handled CHAOS circular high acceptance (magnetic) orbit spectrometer (TRIUMF) CHAMMP Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics CHAMP Community Health Air Monitoring Program CHAP Compton high-altitude pulse CHDBR Calico Hills demonstration breakout room Chelyabinsk-70 (site, All-Russian Institute of Technical Physics) CHEMLL chemical and low-level (waste) CHEMTREC Chemical Transportation Emergency Center CHESS Community Health & Environmental Surveillance System CHF critical heat flux CHGS Center for Human Genome Studies CHIP chemical hazard information profile CHLW commercial high-level waste CHM Chemistry Division, 8/82­?? CHM Chinese Hamster Ovary (Health Division cell replication) CHMR Center for Hazardous Materials CHO chemical hygiene officer CHP chemical hygiene plan CHR confinement heat removal CHRP common hardware reference platform (Power PC) CHRS confinement heat removal system CH-TRU contract-handled transuranic waste CHW chilled water CHX (mammalian fibroblast cells with unstable chromosomes) CI - CL CI cast iron (pipe) CI chemical injection CI compression ignition CI computer interface CI confidence interval CI construction inspector CI containment integrity/isolation CI control instrumentation CI corrosion inhibitor C. confidence interval (statistics) C/I classification/identification CIA Central Intelligence Agency CIA containment isolation actuation CIAC computer incident advisory capability CIAM Central Institute of Aviation Motors CIAQ Council on Indoor Air Quality CIBL convective internal boundary layer CIC compensated ion chamber CIC Computing Information Center CIC Computing, Information & Communications Division, 10/93­ CICA Competition in Contracting Act CICIS Chemicals in Commerce Information System CID charge-injected device CID combined immunological deficiency CIDRS cascade impactor data reduction system CIE Commission International de l'Eclairage CIF Consolidated Incineration Facility (SRL) CIF Consolidated Incinerator Facility CIIN corporate integrated information network CIIIK (United States of America; Russian abbreviation) CIK crypto-ignition key CIL component integration lab CIL computer inoperative limits CIL critical items list CIM Computer-Integrated Manufacturing CIM computer input microfilm CIMD Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees CIMI Committee on Integrity & Management Improvement CIMS Coalition for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems CINC Commander in Chief CIO Central Imagery Office (intelligence) CIO Community Involvement and Outreach Office CIP cast iron pipe CIP cataloging-in-publication CIP cold isostatic pressing CIP continuation in part CIPA California Information Practices Act CIPP contexts, input, processes & products CIPSO common Internet protocol security option CIRRPC Committee on Interagency Radiation Research & Policy Coordination CIS chemical information/injection system CIS Commonwealth of Independent States CIS Computational and Information Sciences CIS containment isolation system CISA Center for International Security Affairs CISC complex instruction set computer CISE Computer Information Science and Engineering (NSF) CISR Center for Iron and Steel Research CIT communications improvement team (EIT) CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITF Cold Integrated Test Facility CITIS contractor integrated technical information service CIX commercial Internet exchange CJ crane, jib CJE critical job element CJO chief judicial officer CKVA complex Kohn variation principle CL centerline CL closed loop CL collaborator CL confidence level CL court leave (attendance code) CL-20 (polycyclic nitramine) CLAMS Common Los Alamos Mathematical Software CLAMDOC CLAMS online documentation CLASS Classification Office, 9/79­1/81 CLASS composite lightweight affordable spacecraft structure CLC capacity-limiting constituents CLC Computing Learning Center CLEANS clinical laboratory for evaluation and assessment of toxic substances CLEER Center for Legislative Energy & Environmental Research CLEO Classified Energy On-line (database) CLEVER clinical laboratory for evaluation and validation of epidemiologic research CLF Conservation Law Foundation CLFMI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile Cl HC trimsol CLI command line interpreter CLIPS chemical list index & processing system CLISE chloride-ion-specific electrode CLMP connectionless-mode network protocol CLNP connectionless network protocol (OSI) CLP contract laboratory program (EPA) CLS characteristic loss spectroscopy CLS classified logistic shipment CLS Chemistry and Laser Sciences Division CLSP Center for Law & Social Policy CLV ceiling limit value CLV constant linear velocity CM - CO CM cementation CM Chemistry and Metallurgy Division, 4/44­10/45 CM circuit master CM Configuration Management CM core melt CM corrective measure CM crane maintenance CM crane, monorail CM crisis management (crisis manager) CMA charring material ablation CMA Chemical Manufacturers Association CMAA Crane Manufacturer's Association of America CM-2 Connection Machine 2 (Thinking Machines Corporation) CM-5 Connection Machine 5 CMB chemical mass balance CMB Chemistry-Metallurgy "Baker" Division, 9/56­8/82 CMB Configuration Management Branch CMC computer-mediated conversation CMCA cruise missile carrier aircraft CME comprehensive (ground water) monitoring evaluation CME coronal mass ejection CMEP critical mass energy project CMF Chemistry­Metallurgy "Fowler" Division, 9/56­1/71 CMF compressed-magnetic field CMI corrective measures implementation CMIP Capability Maintenance and Improvements Project CMIP common management information protocol CMIS common management information services CMIS computer management and information science (Do D) CML current-mode logic CMM computerized measuring machine CMM coordinate measuring machine CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor CMOT CMIS over TCP/IP CMP certified meeting professional CMP Configuration Management Plan CMP corrugated metal pipe CMP counter-military potential CMP critical materials program CMPGRD composite finite-difference grid program CMPO octyl(phenyl)-N, N-diisobutylcarbonoylmethyl-phosphine oxide CMR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research (building) CMR Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Division, 10/45­09/56 CMPGRD composite overlapping grid CMS Center for Materials Science, 01/81­ CMS Community Management Staff (intellig.) CMS corrective measures study (RCRA) CMSC California Mine and Safety Code CMSEML Center for Materials Science Electron Microscope Laboratory CMSSL Connection Machine Scientific Software Library CMTR certified material test report CMU Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh CMU concrete masonry unit CMW compartmented-mode workstation CMWO chemical and mixed waste operations CMYK cyan-magenta-yellow-black (color model) CN construction notice CN consultant CNA Canadian Nuclear Association CNC Chemistry/Nuclear Chemistry Division, 1/71­8/82 CNC computerized numerical control CNEN Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear CNES Center for National Space Studies (France) CNET Centre National d'Etudes des Télécommunications (Paris) CNI Coalition for Networked Information CNLS Center for Nonlinear Studies CNN Cable News Network CNNR conventional nonnuclear weapons CNO Chief of Naval Operations CNPS compact nuclear power source CNR Chief of Naval Research CNR composite noise ratio CNR conventional nuclear weapons CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives CNRR containment radioactivity removal CNSI Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations CNSI confidential national security information CNSS Center for National Security Studies CNT Central Networking Testbed CNT crisis negotiation team CNWDI critical nuclear weapon design information CO chief operator CO contracting officer C/O carryover (funds) COB close of business COBAE Brazilian Commission of Space Activities COBE Cosmic Background Explorer (satellite) COBOL common business oriented language (also Cobol) COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act COBRA constant boiling and rod arrays COBRA continuous beam research apparatus COBRA-TF Coolant Boiling in Rod Arrays code (two-fluid) COC certificate of conformance COC continuity of combustibility COCA consent order and compliance agreement COCO contractor-owned/contractor-operated COCOM Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls COD cash on demand COD chemical oxygen demand COE Corps of Engineers COE crude oil equivalent COEDS common event database system COEI composition of ending inventory COG continuity of government COGEMA Compagnie général des matères nucléaires COGEMP continuity of government emergency management teams COGS cost of goods sold COH coefficient of haze COHb carboxyhemoglobin COI certificate of inspection COI conflict of interest COINS computer output information system COLA cost-of-living adjustment/allowance COLIWASA Composite Liquid Waste Sampler COM command (file) COM communications (program, port) COM computer output microfilm COMHED common header COMINT communications intelligence COMPASS comprehensive on-line maintenance purchasing & store system COMPTEL imaging Compton telescope COMSAT Communications Satellite Corp.

prefix) AYS at your service B Return to Alphabet B bandwidth B biocide B Operation Crossroads Division, 1946 B- bomb (weapon designator) B-1 (visitor on business visa) B-1 (NCSC software security level) BA basic assembly BA budget authority/authorization B. baccalaureus artium; bachelor of arts BAA broad agency announcement BAA Buy American Act BAC biotechnology advisory committee BAC blood alcohol concentration BAC Boeing Aerospace company BAC boric acid concentrator BAC budget at completion BACER Biological and Climatological Effects Research BACT best available control technology BADT best available demonstrated technology BAF bioaccumulation factor BAFO best and final offer BAM Berkeley Abstract Machine BAM Brooklyn Arts Museum BAM Bundesanstalf für Materielprüfung (Germany) BANSHEE Beam Accelerator for Novel Super High Energy Electron BAP benefits analysis program BAP branch arm piping Ba P benzo(a)pyrene BARC Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (India) BART Bay Area Rapid Transit (California) BART best available retrofit technology BASIC beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code (computer language) BASIS Battelle Automated Search Information System BAT best available technology BAT borehole acoustic televiewer BAT boric acid tank/transfer BATEA best available technology economically achievable BATSE burst and transient source experiment BATSF Beryllium Atomization and Thermal Spray Facility BB big business (LANL vendor liaison office) BBC balanced biological communities BBC British Broadcasting Corporation BBF bursty bulk flow BBGKY Bogoliubov-Born-Green-Kirkwood-Yvon BBN Bolt Beranek & Newman, Inc.

BBP best business practice BBRD broadband radiation detector BBRD broadband receiver digitizer BBRR Brookhaven Beam Research Reactor BBS bulletin board system BBU beam breakup BBXRT broadband x-ray telescope BC - BE BCC blind (carbon) copy BCC block check character bcc body-centered cubic BCCB Baseline Change Control Board BCD barcode decal BCD binary coded decimal BCDTL bridge-coupled drift tube linac BCF bioconcentration factor BCL Battelle Columbus Laboratory BCM boiler-condenser mode (heat transfer) BCME bis(chloromethyl) ether BCP broadband communications product BCS Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer BCS basic combined subset bct body-centered tetragonal BCT best available pollution control technology BCU base-line control unit BCWP budgeted cost for work performed BCWS budgeted cost for work scheduled BD base-line design BD blood donation (attendance code) BD blowdown Bd.

Chief of Staff, Intelligence AF/INX Air Force Asst.

Chief of Staff, Director of Policy, Plans & & Programs AFIS automated fingerprint identification system AFISA Air Force Intelligence Support Agency AFM Adobe Font Manager AFM atomic force microscopy (also ATM) AFNB (U. Air Force Scientific Advisory Board) AFNE American for Nuclear Energy AFO available for obligations AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research AFP advanced flexible processor AFP approved financial/funding plan AFP approved funding program AFPEO/ST Air Force Programs Executive Officer, Director of Strategic Programs AFR Air Force Regulation AFR air/fuel ratio AFR Arndt-Ford-Roper (two-pole fit) AFR audit finding report AFS Andrew file system AFS automatic fuel dispensing AFS auxiliary feedwater system AFSAS Air Force Director for Strategic Force Analysis AFSCM Air Force Systems Command Manual AFSSO Air Force Special Security Office AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center AFV alternative fuel vehicle AFV armored fighting vehicle AFW auxiliary feedwater AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory (KAFB) AG alternating gradient AG Australia Group (nonproliferation) A. Aktiengesellschaft; corporation AGA automatic gas analyzer AGC automatic gain control AGEN General Accounting Branch (JCI) AGEX above ground experiments AGFNET Arbeitgemeinschaft der Grossforschungseinrichtungen AGL above ground level AGM associate general manager (EG&G RFO) AGNS Allied General Nuclear Services AGR advanced gas-cooled reactor AGS alternating-gradient synchrotron (BNL) AGS American Glovebox Society AGS annulus gas system AGT aboveground test AGT advanced ground transport AGU American Geophysical Union AH Akademiya Nauk (Russian Academy of Sciences) AH aldehyde A/H air handling AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act AHF Advanced Hadron Facility AHP analytical hierarchy process AHS automated highway system AI - AM AI action item AI artificial intelligence AI Atomics International AI authorized inspector A/I accident/incident A. anno inventionis; in the year of the discovery AIAIT Army Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center AIAS automatic incident actuation system AIC acceptable intake for chronic exposure AICC adiabatic isochoric complete combustion AICE American Institute of Consulting Engineers AICh E American Institute of Chemical Engineers AID air inlet damper AID Agency for International Development AIDS Activity Information Data Systems AIDS autoimmune deficiency syndrome AI-EOD artificial intelligence-explosive ordnance disposal (LANL) AIF Atomic Industrial Forum, Inc.

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