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" A little payback for being the sister who made me perform weird shows at our parents' dinner parties.' This is the first photo for the campaign but don't worry, Jake (and his pretend family) will soon be gracing television screens as he will be featured on a TV advertisement for the fragrance.

Unfortunately, fans of the actor may have to wait a bit longer to see him in a pair of Calvin Klein underwear as he is only doing the campaign for the fragrance division of the brand.

It is based on a memoir by Jeff Bauman (the superb Jake Gyllenhaal), who was in the finishing-line crowd to cheer his on-off girlfriend Erin Hurley (Tatiana Maslany, also terrific) when the bombs went off Bauman had both his legs amputated at the knee and became an uneasy symbol of the ‘Boston Strong’ slogan that was coined in the wake of the blasts.

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I grew up round the corner from her, so her career has always interested me, but I wouldn’t have considered her an obvious contender for a role like this.Even more challenging for those who routinely lionise the victims of terrorism, he is traumatised not just by his terrible injuries, but also the subsequent attempt to haul him, almost literally, onto a pedestal.There is a very good scene in which his mother Patty (Miranda Richardson, improbably cast, but wonderful) exults at the news that her beloved Oprah Winfrey is coming to town to interview him. Director David Gordon Green and screenwriter John Pollono do not shrink from the notion that there is something rather tawdry and downright exploitative about turning such a man into a civic champion.Jake who has been linked to an array of actresses from Taylor Swift to Kirsten Dunst said that he wants to become more of an adult and hopefully do that with a family of his own one day. They are the most amazing girls,' he told the magazine.'It's fun to send them home with a lot of candy, because it was almost like, "Enjoy it, Mags!

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