Intimidating cage fighting

By cultivating the basics, you’ll give yourself a leg up into the community you’re looking for.

Circulate And Hobnob Burlesque is a community made up of many different personalities, subcultures, and goals.

Almost everyone has a story to tell, and these stories can be goldmines of useful information on everything from available classes to surviving stage fright.

If your city or town doesn’t have a burlesque community, you still might not be alone.

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Bound by our love of creating and playing music, the ladies of Danger*Cakes have set our sights on making the music industry a more habitable place for women.Fay Loren is a burlesque dancer and the organizer of this Burlesque event.Twice a month on a Friday she invites a local and an international dancer to dance with her on the small red curtain stage. fill the evening with great music and presenter strings all the entertainment together.The best thing tonight is I got to play there with my band Dee Ann and the Nightcaptains.It’s a small but cosy nightclub, where tourists and locals come for a drink and a curious peek into the world of Burlesque.

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