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Pro Tip: With a name like Help Scout, it’s no wonder they’re pros at making the customer service process as smooth as can be.

This welcome email is a great example of where to send new customers for them to get the resources they need to be successful.

She helps brands tell their story through content marketing, social media, and community.

She is the Social Media Specialist at AWeber, an email marketing service provider for over 100,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs.

It can be as simple as a line of text, or you can get creative and use images or GIFs.

Sidecar does a great job thanking new subscribers and teases them with fun things they’ll get in return for their support: Sharing information about the type of content and the frequency your subscribers will receive it can go a long way in ensuring that your emails make it to the inbox (and don’t get marked as spam! Being as clear as possible helps to build trust with your new audience.

To create yours, start here with a designer-friendly landing page builder with 100% customizable templates.

About the author: Olivia Dello Buono is a copywriter and social media enthusiast based in Philadelphia.

Feel free to use the examples below as welcome email templates when creating (or rewriting) your own.

The good news is that there are a large number of free MP4 players for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices available to play content from within a MP4 wrapper.

When you first start talking about MP4 players you should realize that you’re not referring to a piece of hardware.

This is your opportunity to really “wow” them with your personality, so they look forward to your next newsletter.

When you consider that welcome emails have an unusually high open rate of 50% – making them 86% more effective than newsletters, it’s crucial that you get it right.

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