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A lot of girls just aren’t aware of what’s going on.I think that specific topic might be new this year, but in the broader scheme of things, it’s not that new.Garibay said, “Placing an asterisk by the word ‘God’ in the Girl Scout promise in an effort to be tolerant, yet promoting Eastern mysticism through Zen gardens and Buddha writings hardly seems tolerant to those who believe in Christianity.” ‘Girltopia’ In the next age group, for teens in the ninth and tenth grades, girls are taught about wage disparities between the sexes, and a lack of assets and senior management positions held by women.“Girltopia” poses the questions, “When women don’t earn enough, what happens to their children? ” Asked what the purpose of including a message of inequality served in the Girl Scout curriculum, Tompkins explained: It’s to show girls what’s going on in the country and have them be part of the dialogue.“We’re just looking for new ways to get through to girls.” WND reviewed the following books in the Girl Scouts’ new “Journeys” curriculum: ‘Amaze: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along’ In “Amaze: The Twists and Turns of Getting Along,” girls from the sixth to the eighth grade will read a quote from Buddha and be encouraged to explore mazes and stone or dirt labyrinths – symbols rooted in pagan mythology and popular within the New Age movement as meditation tools.

When making the Girl Scout Promise, individuals may substitute wording appropriate to their own spiritual beliefs for the word “God.” Garibay said it appears that Girl Scouts has taken a stance toward religion – the religion of the New Age – despite its proclaimed secular scouting program.

I’m sure it’s something that came up in the 1920s as well.

Girls Scouting has been around since before women had the right to vote, so I’m sure these discussions were always part of this.

“The sense of hopelessness abounds in ‘Girltopia.’ The positivity, the enthusiasm and the vigor of youth is completely destroyed by data found to further the Girl Scout USA’s feminist agenda.

It plants seeds of despair and hopelessness in today’s girls.” “Girltopia” also features a section on ethics and asks, “What are your ethical standards based on?

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