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Looking into December and further into 2018, we are optimistic about the growth prospects in our MAUs.

[Foreign Language] [Technical Difficulty] [Operator Instructions] After the initial launch of the 8.0, big part of our job was around the optimization of the existing product modules, as well as preparing and testing out new ones.

In Q3, we started to implement a new marketing scheme to drive long term retention and federal return on investment in connection with pay user acquisition efforts.

As the implementation of the new marketing plans involve the establishment of a real-time data monitoring and feedback system, testing out existing and new channel partners, and respective tactics, as well as getting up new policies and streamlining the working process with the channel partners, we have taken our time and led to a meaningful slowdown in new user acquisition during the third quarter.

[Foreign Language] For the new social experiences introduced in the version 8.0, for example Quick Chat and Werewolf, in Q3, we took some time to do the watch and learn.

In November, we released a new Quick Chat experience called Quick Chat plus with the discovery page where users can check out the profile pages and video self-introductions of the different chatters before they decide whether to initiate a chat request or not.

Number one, we will dedicate more resources to drive quality content in verticals that are highly compatible with Momo's platform attributes.

That will translate into several new priorities of ours.Moreover, in mid-August we test launched an audio based launch streaming service called Momo Radio.Initial data shows that the new feature is streaming in new users to the live streaming service.Moreover, we're planning to go deeper with our exploration in the area of professional entertainment content production and distribution, both within and beyond the Momo platform.Other than the direct economic value that we potentially - we can potentially drive from it, we have two additional goals to achieve.

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