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I did swear at her but this was due to the frustration caused by the woman who I was directing my frustration towards.'At the end of the video I called the woman in the doorway 'a d***head' which was all of my anger built up and not aimed at the paramedic as it sounds.'Mr Anderson claims the incident occurred for 'roughly 15 minutes', however the video only shows 'the last heated 30 seconds'.According to Mr Anderson, he has been inundated with phone calls from strangers and claims he has also received 'numerous posts sending death threats'.West Midlands Ambulance Service say they were at the address for no longer than 30 minutes.

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A spokesperson added: 'Our staff work day and night to save lives and do not deserve abuse from anyone for something as trivial as blocking a minor road.' The husband of the woman taken to hospital has confirmed her condition was 'serious'.

In England and Wales there are specific offences for assaulting on-duty police officers, prison officers, and immigration officers.

However there is no specific offence for assault of emergency workers or NHS staff.

Such assaults would instead be prosecuted using one of the general criminal offences against the person.

However the new bill would change this and make it a more serious offence to assault any on duty emergency worker.

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