Triangle dating advice

This is, of course, ridiculous, as we all know the entrance to hell is in Sunnydale.Separate fact from fiction with this eye-opening book about one of the world’s most mysterious places!It’s not just technical problems, either—some astronauts report seeing “shooting stars” in their visual field as they pass through.The cause of all these problems isn’t fully understood."[email protected] Tell your diary that moi has moved on from walking over the frog. "You know, personally, Miss Piggy and I—we have our own lives. The actress shared a picture of their Twitter feud on Instagram Stories and wrote "Honored that Miss Piggy is throwing shade at me."; although, there seemed to be a chance for reconciliation between Kermit and Piggy on the duo's final episode.But if Piggy doesn't end up catching Sprouse's eye, she could perhaps take some relationship advice from her ex.

It all happened in November 1930, when a trapper named Joe Labelle was looking for shelter for the night.

It’s not the only place you can find creepy things happening, however—here are 10 other places on Earth with their fair share of mysteries: The Superstition Mountains are a mountain range located east of Phoenix, Arizona. According to legend, sometime in the 1800s a man named Jacob Waltz discovered a huge goldmine within the mountains that has since been dubbed the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (because Waltz was German, and eh, close enough).

He kept the location a secret until his deathbed, upon which he may or may not (depending on which version of the story you’re reading) have told a single person the secret.

In the Village Burial Ground it was discovered that at least one (sources vary) grave had been opened, clearly not by animals, and emptied.

Furthermore, about 300 feet from the village, the bodies of around 7 sled dogs were found, having starved to death despite open stores of food at the village.

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